Amelia Fraser-McKelvie


I'm Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, a postdoctoral researcher in galaxy evolution at the University of Western Australia, formerley at the University of Nottingham , Monash University and the University of Hull . At Nottingham I worked on the MaNGA Galaxy survey, an integral field spectroscopic survey aiming to provide spatially-resolved spectroscopy of 10,000 galaxies by 2020.

I'm interested in the stellar populations of individual components of galaxies, including bars, disks, and bulges, along with comparing what we find to the Milky Way. My latest paper is on star formation in barred galaxies. It seems that stellar mass is the driving factor behind the location of star formation in barred galaxies.

I am currently working with Prof Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca & Prof Mike Merrifield, along with the rest of the MaNGA team, investigating the formation and evolution of various galaxy structures. In particular, I am interested in what the stellar populations of bulges, disks, and bars in galaxies can tell us about their formation history and mechanisms driving their evolution.

I am also active in the Milky Way as a galaxy group within SDSS-IV, which combines expertise from the APOGEE and MaNGA surveys to determine whether the Milky Way is a typical galaxy in our Universe.

At Monash and Hull I worked with Dr. Kevin Pimbblet and A/Prof Michael Brown on populations of galaxies that lie outside of our expected correlations between observable properties. I studied local brightest cluster galaxies, massive isolated void galaxies, and passive spiral galaxies using both precision photometry and integral field spectroscopy.


Walking, running, hiking, netball, tennis


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  • IAU Symposium 353: Galactic Dynamics in the Era of Large Surveys 1-5th July 2019, Shanghai, China, Talk. "Temporal Insights into Barred Galaxy Evolution"Conference Proceedings
  • SDSS-IV Collaboration Meeting 24-28th June 2019, Ensenada, Mexico, Talk. "The Stellar Populations of Milky Way Analogues"
  • The Life and Death of Starforming Galaxies 18-22nd March 2019, Perth, Australia, Talk. "The bimodality in the local S0 population"
  • SDSS-IV Collaboration Meeting 18-22nd June 2017, Seoul, South Korea, Talk. "The bimodality in the local S0 population"
  • Galactic Rings: Signposts of Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies 27st May-1st June 2018, Tuscaloosa, AL, Talk. "The Origin of Bars in quenched Disk Galaxies: A MaNGA View"
  • MaNGA Collaboration Meeting 4-8th December 2017, Campeche, Mexico, Talk. "Age and Metallicity Differences between Bulge and Disk Regions in MaNGA Fast Rotators"
  • Royal Astronomical Society National Astronomy Meeting 2-6th July 2017, Hull, U.K., Talk. "What Quenches Passive Spiral Galaxies?"
  • The Many Pathways to Galaxy Growth 20-25th July 2015, Prato, Italy, Talk. "Star Formation in Local Universe Brightest Cluster Galaxies" Talk slides soon
  • Evolving Galaxies in Evolving Environments 15-19th September 2014, Bologna, Italy, Talk. "The Rarity of Star Formation in Local Universe BCGs" Talk slides here
  • The Changing Face of Galaxies 19-23th September 2016, Hobart, Australia, Poster.
  • Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting 20-25th July 2014, Macquarie University, Australia, poster.